Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles

Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles

Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles:

The Windows Store is pressed brimming with free diversions and applications, ready for the picking. In this gathering, we are concentrating a few if the Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles Store. A future gathering will concentrate on the top of the line free applications accessible in the Windows Store.While there are some free amusements that are not worth the cost of the transmission capacity to introduce them, there are a large group of diverting recreations accessible to fulfill your gaming tingle. We culled four irregular gaming titles from the first class offerings in the Windows Store for this accumulation.

There would be no chance conceivable to cover all the top of the line free diversions in the Store in one gathering and this is the place you become an integral factor. No should be stunned that Hungry Shark Evolution or any of the other free recreations in the Store didn't make the rundown. On the off chance that your most loved free diversion from the Windows 10 Store isn't said, don't hesitate to hurl.


It is one of the Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles. Countless solitaire games dot the shelves of the Windows 10 Store. Fairway Solitaire is one of the more animated, unique and entertaining solitaire offerings to consider. The card game is influenced by the game of golf where you must strive to achieve a score of par (the number of cards left in play) or less to advance to the next levels. Levels, as you might guess, are in the forms of holes of a golf course.The core mechanics of the game fall in line with your traditional game of solitaire. You have to pull cards from the playing field that are above or below in value from the card revealed from your base stack. A sequential match of sorts.You have sand traps, water hazards, rough and a pesky gopher that tries to steal items from game play. You can purchase extra golf clubs with the coins you earn during game play. These golf clubs serve as extra cards when you hit a dead end with the cards in your deck.

fairway-solitaireThe playing field is a mix of face-up and face-down cards that are revealed when they reach the top of that particular stack. Cards in the rough will require one match to cut down the tall grass and another card to match/remove the card from play.Along with the extra clubs that you can pick up from the game's store, there is also an assortment of bonus items that can be purchased. These bonus items will help your chances of success such as an Iron Detector to find free clubs hidden in the cards or a Water Hazard Diuretic that removes up to three water hazard cards.Overall, Fairway Solitaire is an enjoyable, addictive, well drawn up game of solitaire. If you are looking for a card game to install from the Windows 10 Store, this game is well worth a try. The starter game is free the first few courses included. To open up the full 350 holes of solitaire golf will cost you a $.99 in-app purchase.Oh and if you prefer gaming from the smaller screen of your Windows Phone, Fairway Solitaire is also available in the Windows Phone Store.


It is one of the Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles.Sonic Dash is an endless runner game that features Sega's iconic mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. You also have the ability to unlock other Sonic characters such as Tails, Shadows and Knuckles as you advance through the game.You will race Sonic across an endless supply of jumps, curves and straightaways that are full of dangers to jump, run around or slide under. Additionally, several of Sonic's foes will appear to challenge you to epic boss battles.

sonic-dashGame controls are simple with, depending on your device, gesture or keyboard controls. You have plenty of rings to collect and earn during game play that can be used to purchase power-ups. Power-ups that will better your chances of survival and achieving the numerous gaming goals that Sonic faces.All in all, Sonic Dash is a fast-paced, challenging endless runner game. It is a universal game available for both Windows and Windows Phone devices (including low-memory Windows Phones).


It is one of the Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles.Dungeon Hunter 5 is an action/adventure game available in the Windows Store that has you gallivanting around a fantasy world, slaying evil forces where they may hide. The Xbox gaming title is a well drawn up, challenging and addictive hack 'n slash type of game.Game play has a slight Dungeons and Dragons feel to it. You guide your hero through the Kingdom of Valenthia in arcade fashion. Keyboard or touchscreen controls are responsive and easy to use.

dungeon-hunter-5Graphics are impressive and the battle sequences are more "toe-to-toe" in nature than strategic. There is plenty of NPC character interaction and animated cut scenes to keep things lively, all of which can be skipped through for those who want to get to the action playing Dungeon Hunter 5 for a short time, I found it to be an immersive and addictive Windows role-playing game. It is available for Windows Phone (sorry, no support for low-memory phones) but I felt it played out a little better from a Windows computer or tablet. That's not to say the game sucks wind from a Windows Phone, but the larger screen pulls out the detailed scenery a touch better.


It is one of the Top Rated Free Games in Windows Mobiles.Hills of Glory 3D Free is a tower defense game set in the European Theatre during World War II. In the game, you defend your bunker against wave upon wave of enemy attacks. You have at your disposal a wide range of weapons that include rifles, mortars, flamethrowers and even air strikes.Hills of Glory 3D has two gaming modes. You have an endless battle mode to see how long you can survive the enemy assault and a mission based mode with 21 missions to tackle.As you advance through game play, you will earn experience, which in turn advances you through the ranks and unlock the full arsenal of weapons.

hills-of-glory-3d-freeGraphics are nicely drawn up and you have plenty of upgrades for weapons that will enhance your defensive strengths. Game controls support mouse, touchpad and multi-touch. In playing Hills of Glory 3D for a short while, it comes across as a fun game to pass the time with. Two nits stand out though. First, you cannot scroll out for a wider point of view, which means you will be scrolling around the game screen a lot. Second, while the mortars are effective they take forever to reach their target.Hills of Glory 3D isn't your traditional tower defense game and unique enough to give the game a nice level of appeal.

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