The Best paid Productivity Apps of 2016 in BlackBerry

The Best paid Productivity Apps of 2016 in BlackBerry

Best paid Productivity Apps:

Checked! Task Pro with Recurrence and Location Reminder:




  It is one of the Best paid Productivity Apps of BlackBerry.


  •  Superb fluid user interface.
  • Ultimate task and project management application
  • Add task from anywhere - fastest task creation without the app opened. .
  •  SMART task system -
  • Auto save note and memo feature. Fastest memo and note creation on any application - bar none.
  •  Recurrent task - daily, weekly, etc with customizable settings.
  •  Smart Add featuring category and natural language parsing for event creation:
  •  Dr appointment on Dec 1 at 5pm
  • Pick up airport tomorrow
  •  Support multiple check-able lists within each task. Check lists are automatically remembered.
  •  Synchronizes flawlessly to and from online tasks.
  • Select specific calendar to easily create entry on
  • Option to set default reminder for new event

Download: Buy Rs.199.00

Talking Alarm Pro:





It is best of its kind, this is the alarm which will definitely get you out of sleep.

Talking Clock is an easy-to-use desktop multilingual talking clock utility with skin support and full-featured alarm system, that allows an user to set multiple alarms. Each alarm can Talk Clock and would be set to go off at various intervals: daily, Monday, Tuesday... Saturday, Sunday of every week, etc. You can set each alarm to run an application, play a wave file.

Download: Buy Rs.50.00

Signal Booster:




Signal Booster tool for your BlackBerry®! Boost mobile network and WiFi with just a single click.

* No device reboot required. * No additional hardware required. * Fast boosting process. * Add Signal Booster to Global Menu

Download: Buy Rs.50.00

Popup Viewer For BBM Pro:





Get this new sleek and beautiful popup for BBM™. It conatins more than 20 beautiful themes tailored just for you! No need of doing extravagant font settings, color settings etc etc., just download it and you are set to use it.User-friendly and the most simplest applications carefully made for all those who enjoy BBM™more than anything else. For whom BBM™is life, this app is must to have...

The best part of this applications is that you are able to read all incoming BBM™without notifying the sender! Isn't it great!!

Download: Buy Rs.50.00

Alarm - Multiple Alarm:





The best multiple alarms with premium features. The Alarm is simple, stylish and easy to use.

Download: Buy Rs.150.00

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