Skullcandy Grind Wireless hedphones

Skullcandy Grind Wireless hedphones

Skullcandy Grind Wireless hedphones

They aren't the best headphones to go for in case you're looking from an audiophile stance, however for somebody who simply needs to listen a couple tracks while going around town, or driving to work, Skullcandy Grind Wireless wouldn't be the most noticeably awful decision.

Nonetheless, in case you're searching for an arrangement of better than average sounding earphones in the comparative value point, and wouldn't fret running with a wired set-up, Brainwavz HM2 convey shocking sound at the cost, while pressing in solace.

Look and feel

Firstly these are on-ear style earphones which don't cover your ears in the jars yet rather sit on top. They have a genuinely light-weight development weighing at a rough 180 grams. It has an aluminum headband holding the speaker drivers.


The headband has a calfskin layer on top with a punctured froth inward layer, which makes it entirely agreeable to wear. Going to the drivers, they can without much of a stretch conceal medium-sized ears.

They have a leatherette cushioning with openings which is delicate, as well as permit the earphones to inhale better. The jars are close-sponsored, which implies they shouldn't release sound that much.

They get a swivel joint that adds to the ergonomics. There is a wire which interfaces both the jars, which goes through the headband, adding to the feel.

It is offered in various hues in gleaming and matte hues. Our survey unit was a white matte one, with dark and red accents, which looks cool and insignificant, however the matte white gets effectively recolored and now and then, taking the stain out can be a significant undertaking.


Audio and performance:

We should discuss the fit and solace about the Grind Wireless. The earphone, as I said prior has a truly light form (how light?), which is one of its solid focuses.

The earphones lay on the ear mugs well. Nonetheless, the earphones do not have a solid grasp on the top, this outcomes in the earphone slipping out from the ears pretty effectively.

The calfskin cushions don't make a better than average showing with regards to holding things in position, and requires steady change. There isn't a tick bolt for the conforming the tallness. It gets a smooth slide system.

This outcomes in the earphones generally slipping out. They're certainly not suggested for use amid workouts.


Bottom line

They look hip, sound not too bad and are fairly agreeable however they need appropriate clamor cancellation.

The earphones are ideal for day by day suburbanites, who need to remain safe out and about, holding under tight restraints with the environment while listening to their music and looking cool.

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