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10 Things We Want From the New Apple MacBook Pro

10 Things We Want From the New Apple MacBook Pro

New Apple MacBook Pro

Apple smart phone is every ones dream to hold it in our hand.  The iPhone has been advancing day by day with its new features and technologies in this advanced world. Apple is setting itself to get ready to launch New Apple MacBook pro on this October 27th. So the iPhone has brought to us with the best 10 things that we want from New Apple MacBook pro.What are you waiting for have a look on  these. MacBook pro

1. Full-Stroke Keyboard

the Key board size come with 12 inches with the best vision. It will be very nice once we start using this keyboard and this feature is never ever available in any  other mobile phone like iPhone. You would really experience a new version in this type of key board with its advanced features in it.

2. 17-Inch Screen Model

MacBook Pros is advanced with its tends of palettes having a creative professionals look for it. This feature make you feel the experience of working with the streams of 4K video which was been launched in recent times.

3. Don't Kill My Ports

Pro users connect innumerable things to their laptops. we have a tendency to store backups and media on external exhausting drives. we have a tendency to jack into LAN networks. Apple must acknowledge that ports square measure a key a part of the professional laptop computer expertise and supply enough of them to attach to the devices we have a tendency to frequently encounter on the road.

4. Matte/Anti-Glare Screen Option

This is the latest screen technology you can easily look at the screen of the iPhone when you are outdoor or even in  florescent lights, the visibility of the screen is clear to you. There will be no reflection and the vision of the screen is perfect.

5. Edge-to-Edge Display

The iPhone manufactures sees that the mobile is as slim as possible with it sleek features in it. The best option for going to big screen look is for adopting fully edge-to-edge that give a grand look to your phone.

6. Wide Color Gamut Display

Apple iMacs, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro$569.90 at Amazon, and the iPhone 7 models all use DCI-P3. And its has been coming with wide color gamut display for its users.

7. 2TB Storage

The storage space is 2TB this is awesome and no other phone has this feature in it. Usually 4K content with a wide color gamut uses a lot of storage.

8. Apple SIM

Apple has taken a step forward in introducing Apple sims to the users of this smart device. this too is the latest advancement in the new technology. The embedded SIM lets you buy only the network access you need through out the world.

9. Water Resistance

New Apple MacBook Pro is completely a water resistant device. This feature enable the MacBook to last longer even if you use it in any condition of the climate. And can be easily handled by any one while using it.

10. Four Color Options

The pretty Macbook has come with color options too. The iPhone is  going to be available in silver, space gray, gold, and rose gold. So, get ready to choose your best one. Macbook pro  

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