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EA brings action title WarFriends to Android

EA brings action title WarFriends to Android

EA brings action title WarFriends to Android

EA's Chillingo studio, in relationship with About Fun, has released new permitted to-play action title WarFriends on Android. WarFriends, which is available at the Play Store from today, incorporates progressing multiplayer battles. Where players can fight one-on-one or near to partners on the web.

WarFriends sees players set up a squad of troopers to lead into battle with present and propelled equipment. Like robots and fly packs, and weapons stretching out from firearms to threatening to tank rockets. The title highlights cover-based shooter mechanics where players ought to in like manner settle on lively decisions on an always showing signs of change battle zone to take out their opponent before they do moreover.

WarFriends has been in early access on iOS since April a year back, which implies the gathering has had approximately a chance to endeavor and alter the delight to ensure the middle multiplayer experience works. Take a gander at what no doubt in the trailer underneath.


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