About Us

Mobile Pappa is a very popular Mobile Technology Blog, it is a great source of latest news about smartphones, technology and Updates around the World and is a leading Technology Blog which helps people in buying their next gadget in India. Though, we don’t own any record of a study that says that our Buyer’s Guide segment is the best in India still our personal research and analysis states that our Buyer’s Guide recommends the real best products to the buyers, whatever utmost other fail to make. We think that is the cause people believe and like us.

Mobile Pappa was founded by Mrs.Swathi Chakrapu on 15th May 2016 and since then we have grown.

Perfect place for your Smart Phones!

We aim to deliver the technology in the simplest manner so that everyone can understand it quickly. Our aim is not only just to update our readers but more to assist them to realize the technology. We also assist our readers in solving their problems, we reply to the questions of our readers, Mobile Pappa is a website where you can communicate with us right away directly and get help with your question. Our website is like a small forum where you can find answers to particular questions and can read the comments from other readers.

We know our Accountability:

We know our views influence the buying choices of cores of rupees each month so, we work with the immense responsibility and we are pleased to tell that from the starting, all our suggestions were based on the quality of the devices and were not influenced by any brand or any profits to us. We are dedicated to help the readers with our impartial opinions and no amount of money can change that.

Thanks for taking the time to understand us, we look forward to a long connection with you.